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PODCAST: Interview with Odafe Atogun, Author of Taduno’s Song

April 23, 2017 Leave a comment

Odafe Atogun’s new novel, TADUNO’S SONG, is an allegory about an exiled Nigerian musician, Taduno, who goes back home to Lagos, Nigeria only to discover that the government has successfully wiped all memory of him, even his friends and neighbors no longer remember him. Prior to his exile, Taduno wrote and performed songs that criticized the corruption and oppression of the government, much like the real life Nigerian musical superstar and human rights activist, the late Fela Kuti, who the novel is based on. ¬†Ultimately Taduno is given an impossible choice: write and perform songs at a concert sponsored by the government that praises the regime or his girlfriend will be killed.

Odafe Atogun was born in Nigeria, in the town of Lokoja, where the Rivers Niger and Benue meet, but hails from Edo State. Now a full-time writer, he is married and lives in Abuja.