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Coffee and Books: Lynchings and a Murder Mystery

September 28, 2016 Leave a comment

BEYOND THE ROPE: The Impact of Lynching on Black Culture by Karlis K. Hill and THE HEAVENS MAY FALL, a murder mystery novel set in Minneapolis by Allen Eskibs, are the books I’m currently reading for upcoming interviews for KAZI Book Review.


Living with Lynching Author on KAZI Book Review Monday

June 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Check out my interview with Koritha Mitchell, author of Living with Lynching: African American Lynching Plays, Performance, and Citizenship, 1890-1930, tomorrow at 7 am CT on KAZI Book Review. To listen to the podcast of the interview click here: Koritha Mitchell Living with Lynching Interview.

Living with Lynching provides a compelling view on how African American
playwrights in the late 19th and early 20th century sought to bring attention to the impact lynching had on American families.  While many tend to look at lynching from the perspective of the tragic pictures, Mitchell brings to light the efforts of these plays to help the general public to see the decent, loving families the victims came from.

The book also reminds us that lynching was often  perpetrated by whites who

Koritha Mithcell

resented the financial success that some African Americans had, especially during times of economic distress.

About the Author

Koritha Mitchell is an associate professor of English at Ohio State University.  A native of Sugar Land, Texas (a suburb of Houston), Mitchell holds a Ph.D. in African American Literature from The University of Maryland.