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Novels Featuring Look at Debt Collectors and Amateur Detective in Victorian Age on Sunday

July 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Tune in Sunday at 12:30 p.m. CST for interviews with David Morrell, author of INSPECTOR OF THE DEAD and Ivan G. Gold, author of THE DEBTOR CLASS on KAZI Book Review on KAZI 88.7FM.

INSPECTOR OF THE DEAD is a historical mystery novel set in London, England in 1855 featuring real life writer Thomas De Quincey and his daughter Emily as amateur sleuths assisting detectives with Scotland Yard with solving a series of murders targeting high government officials. It is the second novel by Morrell featuring De Quincey as an amateur sleuth. As in the first De Quincey novel, MURDER AS A FINE ART, Morell incorporates other historical characters into the plot of the novel including England’s Queen Victoria and its prime minister Lord Palmerston. In real life, De Quincey became a famous author after writing CONFESSIONS OF AN ENGLISH OPIUM EATER, an autobiographical account of his addiction to laudanum (a mixture of opium and alcohol) and its effect on his life.  David Morrell, the author of more than thirty books,  is best known for his novels FIRST BLOOD and RAMBO, which were made into feature films starring Sylvester Stallone. 

THE DEBTOR CLASS follows the lives of several characters with various challenges in their lives who go to work for a collection agency owned by Philyaw, an empathetic debt collector who looks like Humphrey Bogart.  Set in present day Southern California, Goldman writes with a wry, humorous view of humanity that lightens the mood of what could be a dark novel. More importantly he humanizes the debt collectors letting the readers know that they are no different than the people they call on behalf of creditors.  Ivan G. Goldman is anjournalist and the author of five novels.


Upcoming Interviews for July Feature Black Cowboy Deadwood Dick, Theologian Martin Luther, & Legendary Black Mystery Writer Walter Mosley

July 3, 2015 Leave a comment

We have an exciting mix of new fiction and nonfiction authors scheduled for KAZI Book Review in July including New York Times best selling mystery authors Walter Mosley and Ace Atkins.  Some of the topics covered by these authors include:

  • The theologian Martin Luther, who launched the Protestant Reformation in Germany breaking away from the Catholic Church in the early 1500s, in a compelling narrative focusing on his life during its most turbulent and productive time in 1521-1522 in LUTHER’S FORTRESS by author James Reston 
  • Advice for educators on how to teach students of color who live in poverty by a passionate advocate for their education inRAC(E)ING TO CLASS  by University of Pittsbuurg Professor of Education H. Richard Milner
  • The legend of African American cowboy Nat Love, better known as Deadwood Dick, brought to life through a fictional retelling of his life in PARADISE LOST, a first person narrative by award winning Texas mystery writer Joe Lansdale

Interviews for July

July 5 – Ivan Goldman, THE DEBTOR CLASS (fiction); David Morrell, INSPECTOR OF THE DEAD (fiction)

July 6 – James Reston, LUTHER’S FORTRESS: Martin Luther and His Reformation Under Siege

July 12 – Jewell Parker Rhodes, BAYOU MAGIC (children’s fiction-middle grade); Joe Lansdale, PARADISE SKY (fiction)

July 13 – H. Richard Milner, RAC(E)ING TO CLASS: Confronting Poverty and Race in Schools and Classrooms

July 19 – Ace Atkins, THE REDEEMER (fiction) and ROBERT B. PARKER’S KICKBACK (fiction)

July 20  – James McGrath, EYE ON THE STRUGGLE: Ethel Payne, the First Lady of the Black Press 

July 26 – Neely Tucker, MURDER, D.C. (fiction); Victoria Schorr, BADLANDS (fiction)


Tune in every Sunday 12:30 p.m. – 1 p.m CST and every Monday 8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. CST to KAZI 88.7FM in Austin, Texas for KAZI Book Review.

African American History Professor Discusses History of Racism & Charleston Church Murders on KAZI Book Review Monday 

June 28, 2015 Leave a comment

On June 17, 2015, nine African Americans were killed at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charlestown, South Carolina by a young white supremacist hoping to ignite a race war.  To discuss the shootings within the context of the history of racism on the June 29 edition of KAZI Book Review on KAZI 88.7FM at 8 a.m. CST is Dr. Gerald Horne, author of the forthcoming CONFRONTING BLACK JACOBINS: The United States, the Hatian Revolution, and the Origins of the Dominican Republic which will be published in October 2015.  He is also the author of THE COUNTER-REVOLUTION OF 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America, RACE TO REVOLUTION: The U.S. and Cuba during Slavery and Jim Crow. Monthly Review Press (2014), and co-editor of ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY, 1896 TO THE PRESENT: From the Age of Segregation to the Twenty-first Century.  The author of more than 30 books, Gerald Horne is the John and Rebecca Moores Professor of African-American History at the University of Houston.

Book Review: THE CARTEL by Don Winslow

June 27, 2015 Leave a comment

Tune in at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, June 27 to KAZI 88.7FM for my interview with Don Winslow, author of the new novel THE CARTEL

With the release this month of his new novel, THE CARTEL, Don Winslow completes his two book magnum opus, narrating the 30 year conflict between DEA agent Art Keller and Mexican drug lord Adan Barrera that began with the publication of THE POWER OF THE DOG in 2005.  Panoramic in scope, THE CARTEL tells the story of the war on drugs in Mexico with unvarnished brutality, depicting not only the extreme violence of the cartels, but the callous policy of the U.S. which contributed to the violence.

THE CARTEL plays out Keller’s obsession with recapturing Barrera after he escapes from a Mexican prison, and Barrera’s desire to have him killed.  Keller’s conflict with Barrera, which began in THE POWER OF THE DOG, has ruined his marriage and made him unpopular, but tolerated by his superiors in the DEA.  In a literary sense, Keller is Ishmael and Barrera is his Moby Dick.  Meanwhile Barrera attempts to reclaim his position as the symbolic head of the drug gangs, engaging in a war with his fellow drug lords, that spills over into the lives of ordinary Mexican citizens with thousands of innocent people dying.

What kept me from feeling the THE CARTEL had created a nihilistic, hopeless world were two characters, Marisol Cisneros, a Mexican doctor that Art falls in love with, and Pablo Mora, a journalist covering the drug war in Juarez, Mexico. These characters, who took up a substantial portion of the narrative, displayed honesty and courage in the face of threats against their own lives. I especiailly enjoyed Pablo, a divorced father of one who has literally covered so many murders in Juarez that he feels “morally exhausted.”  Through his narration, the reader sees the daily bravery of the Mexican journalists caught in the crossfire of the drug war.

Ultimately in THE CARTEL, Winslow deftly balanced the morally corrupt world of the drug lords, the morally compromised world of the DEA, and the  lives of ordinary Mexican citizen heroes.  It kept me entertained while making me think long and hard about the U.S. war on drugs.  For those seeking serious novels to read this summer, it should be at the top of their list.


New Novel Depicts War in Afghanistan

June 20, 2015 Leave a comment

Tune in at 12:30 p.m. Sunday to KAZI 88.7FM for my interview with John Renehan, author of the novel THE VALLEY.

THE VALLEY explores the alienation of an American officer sent to investigate a warning shot fired by a near-forgotten platoon at remote and dangerous forward operating base in Afghanistan on the border of pakistan.  In the novel, Tenehan not only provides us a glimpse of the daily challenges and frustrations of our soldiers at war, but also shows the complex politics of the shifting alliances between the afghanistan tribes and the Taliban.

Currently an attorney, John Renehan served in the Army’s Third Infantry Division as a field artillery officer in Iraq.


Capitalism, Adam Smith, and Controlling Consumption Focus of KAZI Book Review

June 14, 2015 Leave a comment

Tune in Monday at 8 a.m. CST for my interview with Peter Whybrow, author of THE WELL-TUNED BRAIN: Neuroscience & THE LIFE WELL LIVED on on KAZI Book Review on KAZI 88.7FM in Austin, Texas.

In Peyer Whybrow’s new book, he tries to answer two questions, and I quote: First, why is it that human beings tend to consume excessively in a resource-rich environment, and second, why despite our growing conscious awareness of the challenges we face do we find it difficult to change our ways?

In our interview we discussed the philosophy behind  capitalism, the short term nature of human beings that can drive our behavior to the detriment of our longterm needs, and the moral and social constraints necessary to keep our behavior and capitalism from overtaking the greater good for humanity.
Peter Whybrow, M.D. is Director of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior and a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).   He is the author of numerous scientific papers and six books, including A MOOD APART: The Thinker’s Guide to Emotion and its Disorder, which is widely acclaimed as the definitive guide to the experience and science of mood and its disorder, written expressly for the general public.


New York Times Bestselling Author Nelson Demille and Former Hollywood 

June 14, 2015 Leave a comment

Tune in at 12:30 p.m. CST today to KAZI 88.7FM for interviews with Nelson DeMille, author of the new novel RADIANT ANGEL and Bruce Ferber, author of the new novel CASCADE FALLS.  Listen live online through or or their respective apps.


After a showdown with the notorious Yemeni terrorist known as The Panther, Corey has left the Anti-Terrorist Task Force and returned home to New York City taking a job with the Diplomatic Surveillance Group. Although Corey’s new assignment with the DSG—following Russian diplomats working at the U.N. Mission—is thought to be “a quiet end,” he’s happy to be out of the FBI. But Corey realizes something the U.S. government doesn’t: The all-too-real threat of a newly resurgent Russia.

Prescient and chilling. DeMille’s new novel takes us into the heart of a new Cold War with a clock-ticking plot that has Manhattan in its crosshairs.



CASCADE FALLS explores the failed promise of the American Dream. Raised to believe that with hard work, anything is possible, a staggering number of Americans hate their jobs and see little chance of ever escaping the grind. In his tragicomic followup to the laugh-ridden Elevating Overman, Bruce Ferber asks the question: “How does giving up our dreams affect our relationships and our psyches?”



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