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Psychopath Assistant District Attorney As Protagonist Makes Interesting Read

Hollow ManTune in at 12:30 p.m. CST to KAZI 88.7 FM in Austin, TX for my live interview with Austin writer Mark Pryor, author of the suspense novel HOLLOW MAN.  Set in Austin, HOLLOW MAN is a gripping first person narrated suspense novel with a fascinating protagonist – a Travis County Assistant District Attorney who conspires with two people to rob a landlord on the day he collects rent.  Okay, what really makes the ADA interesting is he is a self acknowledged psycopath who has struggled for years to appear normal to the outside world.

Book Description

Dominic is a prosecutor, a musician, and an Englishman living in Texas. He’s also a psychopath. His main goal is to hide his condition and lead a seemingly normal life in hopes to pay off his debts and become a full-time musician in Austin’s  club scene. But on one lousy day his carefully-controlled world starts to shatter: he’s demoted at work and accused of stealing a fellow musician’s song.

​He also meets a beautiful woman in a lime green dress–perhaps the biggest threat to his safety of all. At her urging, Dominic hatches a plan to steal a van he knows will be filled with cash. He picks two friends as accomplices, insisting on no guns and no violence. But a security guard catches them in the act and simple theft turns into capital murder.

Cracks start to show in the conspiracy and, with no allegiance to anyone but himself, Dominic has to decide whether to stick by his partners in crime, or let his true nature come out to play.

Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor

About Mark Pryor

Mark grew up in Hertfordshire, England, and now lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and three young children. Over the years, he has been many things: ski instructor, journalist, personal trainer, and bra folder (he lasted one day: fired for giggling at the ridiculousness of the job.  If it’s any excuse, he was just nineteen years old.)

His first real career was as a newspaper reporter in Colchester, Essex.  There, he covered the police and crime beat for almost two years.  He also wrote stories on foreign assignments, including accounts from Northern Ireland while with the British Army, and from Romania where he covered the first-anniversary celebrations of that country’s revolution.

Mark moved to America in 1994, mostly for the weather.  He attended journalism school at the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill, and then law school at Duke University, graduating with honors and a lot of debt.  He is currently an Assistant District Attorney with the Travis County DA’s office.

Mark is also the author of the Hugo Marston series, which is set mostly in Paris, but also in London and Barcelona.  Hugo is the head of security at the US Embassy in Paris, and a former FBI profiler.

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