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Author Calls for Economic Bill of Rights

Tune in to KAZI 88.7FM Monday, July 20 at 8 a.m. CST/9 a.m. EST for my interview with Scott J. Myers-Lipton, author of ENDING EXTREME INEQUALITY: An Economic Bill of Rights to Eliminate Poverty

In the book Myers-Lipton argues that poverty and economic inequality are at record levels. He writes that forty-seven million Americans live in poverty, while middle class incomes are in decline. His call for an Economic Bill of Rights is in line with ideas proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Myers-Lipton proclaims that all Americans have the right to a job, a living wage, a decent home, adequate medical care, a good education, and adequate protection from economic fears of unemployment, sickness, and old age.

Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton is a Professor of Sociology at San José State University, and is also the author REBUILD AMERICA: Solving the Economic Crisis through Civic Works (Paradigm 2009) and Social Solutions to Poverty: America’s Struggle to Build a Just Society (Paradigm 2006), as well as numerous scholarly articles on civic engagement, education, and racism.


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