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 Confronting Poverty and Race in Schools and Classrooms

Tune in to KAZI 88.7FM at 8 a.m. CST Monday, July 13 for my interview with H. Richard Milner, author of RAC(E)ING TO CLASS: Confronting Poverty and Race in Schools and Classrooms.  Like Laurence Fishburne in Spike Lee’s movie School Daze, Milner is ringing the bell to get the attention of educators, from teachers to principals to superintendents, to reform policies and procedures to insure children of poverty and color get the best opportunitity to succeed.

As stated on its web site by Harvard Education Press, the publisher of the book, “Milner provides educators with a crucial understanding of how to teach students of color who live in poverty. Milner looks carefully at the circumstances of these students lives and describes how those circumstances profoundly affect their experiences within schools and classrooms. In a series of detailed chapters, Milner proposes effective practices–at the district and school levels, and in individual classrooms–for school leaders and teachers who are committed to creating the best educational opportunities for these students.”

H. Richard Milner IV is the Helen Faison professor of urban education at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of “Start Where You Are, but Don’t Stay There: Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps and Teaching in Today’s Classrooms,” and the forthcoming “Rac(e)ing to Class: Confronting Poverty and Race in Schools and Classrooms.”

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