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Book Giveaway & Live Interview With Attica Locke Sunday

Attica Locke, author of the new novel PLEASANTVILLE,  will be interviewed live on KAZI Book Review on KAZI 88.7FM Sunday, May 31 at 12:30pm CST.  Set in 1996 in the real life black neighborhood of Pleasantville in Houston,Texas, PLEASANTVILLE is the sequel to Attica’s first novel, BLACK WATER RISING, which was published in 2009.  Free copies of BLACK WATER RISING and PLEASANTVILLE will be given away to listeners Sunday.  Tune in to the live interview for more details.

A native of Houston, Texas, Attica Locke is a writer and producer of the FOX hit TV show Empire.  She is also author of the novel THE CUTTING SEASON.


Fifteen years after the events in Black Water Rising, Jay Porter is struggling to cope with catastrophic changes in his personal life and the disintegration for his environmental law practice. His victory against Cole Oil is still the crown jewel of his career, even if he hasn’t yet seen a dime, thanks to appeals. But time has taken its toll. Tired and restless, he’s ready to quit.
When a girl goes missing on election night, 1996, in the neighborhood of Pleasantville – a hamlet for upwardly mobile blacks on the north side of Houston – single father Jay is deeply disturbed. He’s been representing Pleasantville in the wake of a chemical fire, and the case is dragging on, raising doubts about his ability.
The missing girl was a volunteer for one of the local mayoral candidates, and her disappearance complicates an already heated campaign. When the nephew of a candidate, a Pleasantville local, is arrested, Jay reluctantly finds himself serving as a defense attorney. With a man’s life and his own reputation on the line, Jay is about to try his first murder in a case that will also put the electoral process on trial, exposing the dark side of power and those determined to keep it.  


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