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Listen to Interview with Attica Locke, author of Black Water Rising

I got involved in a discussion on FaceBook on the need for more diverse fictional writing from African American writers.  It reminded me that one of my favorite books from last year was Black Water Rising by Attica Locke.  It featured a Black lawyer in Houston who get’s involved in trying to figure out a murder related to some real estate deals in Houston.  The story flashes back to his days as a student leader at the University of Houston which coincided with the rise of the Black Power Movement on student campuses.  This is an exceptional novel  and Attica quickly joined my personal list of favorite novelists, regardless of color.

Other shared my opinion.  It was nominated for a 2010 Edgar Award, a 2010 NAACP Image Award, and was a Los Angeles Times Book Award Finalist.

I interviewed her twice last year, once on KAZI Book Review and on my other talk show Economic Perspectives.   To listen to Attica Locke, discuss her debut crime novel, Black Water Rising on KAZI Book Review, click here: Attica Locke Interview News Magazine or to hear Attica Locke discuss trying to make it as an African American screenwriter in Hollywood on Economic Perspectives on 6/8/09, click here: Attica Locke Interview-Economic Perspectives

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